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Diagnosis of infectious disease is very challenging. Physicians should be able to determine the cause of infection and then give the appropriate therapy. Therefore, our laboratory provides a number of clinical microbiology examinations to help them finding the causative organisms. Our laboratory is able to do microscopy and culture examination (identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing) for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, plus fungal culture. Beside that, our laboratory provides research cooperation for undergraduate, master/specialist, and doctoral student. We also involve in National TB Program as National Tuberculosis Referral Lab for Molecular, Serology, MOTT, and Operational Research. We also facilitate training for analyst who work in clinical microbiology laboratory. 

Since January 2019, the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory had changed its status to become UKKPPM (Unit Kerja Khusus Pelayanan dan Pengabdian Masyarakat) with full flexibility. This will give the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory full autonomy to manage and explore its potential.

As per October 1st 2021, we update the list and price for some examinations, including GenXpert/MTB RIF Ultra.

We also provide specimens handling guidebook.

As per May 2022, our operational hour will be:

1. Non-Covid Examination Service:

    a. Monday-Friday:08.00- 18.00

    b. Saturday : 08.00 - 12.00

2. Covid Examination Service:

    a. Monday - Friday: 08.00 -14.00

    b. Saturday: 08.00 - 12.00

Click here for detail of microbiology examinations or call +622131922850/+6281384300467 for any information regarding the examinations. (the price will effectively start from June 2022)

For all customers, please take a moment to fill out the community satisfaction survey at the following link:

For swab examination (PCR/antigen) registration, please click here

Due to new regulation regarding PCR examination price, a new price for rapid antigen and SARS CoV-2 PCR are stated as below:



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